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Finding the right real estate property can be a lenghty and stressful process, can't it? Not anymore! Sasco Realty Inc. will help you to transform it in an easy, pleasant and professional transaction. From the very first step - the decision to buy or sell a property, to the closing of the deal, the objective of Sasco Realty Inc. is to provide you with the best possible service on the market. We are ready to guide you through the whole process and will be fully committed to the success of your undertaking.

Why should you work with us? We are professional brokers, not just agents. This means that after passing the initial basic real estate license course for agents which typically requires only one week of real estate school, we had to spend 2 years of active experience in the filed before attending extensive broker classes and passing the very complex 4 hour state exam. Only brokers are allowed to open an office and to employ agents and assistants. All our associates are the best of the best and highly trained professionals in their respective fields which guarantees the highest level of expertise to you.

Through the years we have acquired great expertise and extensive knowledge of local neighborhoods, market conditions, zoning, ordinances, and many more. Thus, with its great track record of success, it is not a coincidence that Sasco Realty Inc. is well known also across the ocean.

In order to get to know us a better, you could use the resources available on our website. We hope that all the information that we have made available to you, and the little extras that we have added to our website, will mark the start of your pleasant journey with Sasco Realty Inc.. However, as your personal guide through this exciting process, we can guarantee that the convenience of technology will never replace the personal touch that we are able to give you.

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